Meat Entrees


Döner Kebap


Iskender Kebap

Iskender Kebap


Grilled Turkish meat ball

Köfte Kebap


Chicken Adana Kebap

Tavuk Adana Kebap


Lamb Adana Kebap

Adana Kebap


Beyti Kebap

Beyti Kebap


Chicken Chops

Tavuk Pirzola


Lamb Sautee

Et Sote


Chicken Sautee

Tavuk Sote


Chicken shish Kebap

Tavuk Kebap


Lamb shish Kebap

Kuzu Sis Kebap


Kuzu Pirzola

Lamb Chops


Mix Grill

Karisik Izgara


Ribeye Steak



Sofra Plate

Guvecte Sofra 4 people and up

including Combination of grilled Kebaps, rice to served in the clay casserole plate with buttered garlic fresh herbs, tomatoes, peppers and covered over with homemade flat bread to baked until the bread is ready


Sultan Plate

Sultan Sofrasi 4 people and up including combination of grilled meats, lahmacun, potato fries, garnish salad, rice grilled tomatoes and peppers on large tray and presented with flame in the center



all meat entrees serves with rice or french fries any other substitution maybe charged extra