Sofra Turkish & Mediterranean Cuisine

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Indulge your palate with our exquisite selection of tantalizing appetizers and hearty soups! Every bite is a taste adventure you won’t want to miss. Fresh ingredients, refined preparation and irresistible pleasure – that’s our promise. Discover now the variety that is in every spoonful!

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Enjoy the art of pasta with us! Our creations are a masterpiece of delicious flavors and delicate textures. Each bite is a temptation for the palate, with lovingly prepared sauces and selected ingredients.


Seafood Meat

Enjoy the freshness of the sea in every bite! Our exclusive Seafood-Meet takes you on a taste journey in a class of its own. From delicate crabs to succulent mussels – experience maritime delights in perfect harmony. Dive in and let yourself be seduced by the flavors of the ocean.

Seafood Entrees


Meat Entrees

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Turkish cuisine! Our main dishes are inspired by the rich culinary tradition of Anatolia. Succulent kebabs and aromatic stews will take you on a taste journey through the diversity of Turkey. Experience the fusion of spices and flavors that make our dishes so unique. Treat yourself to a touch of oriental moments of pleasure now!

Meat Entrees


Oven Specialities

Experience the essence of tradition in our Turkish Oven Specialties. Perfectly crispy, infused with aromatic notes and prepared with a pinch of dedication. Straight from our oven to your plate – a feast for the senses.

Oven Specialities


Immerse yourself in a culinary journey in a class of its own! Our carefully compiled prix-fixe menu offers a symphonic sequence of flavors and delights that will enchant every palate.


the story

Immerse yourself in a journey of the senses at „The Story“ – the place where tradition and taste merge into a unique narrative. In our cozy, authentic Turkish restaurant, you’ll experience the rich diversity of Turkish cuisine in all its glory.

From tender kebabs to fragrant spices, each dish tells its own story, flavored with love and dedication from our experienced chefs. Let the warm atmosphere and aromatic scents transport you to a world where enjoyment is paramount.

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Fine Dinning

Experience the pinnacle of the culinary arts. In our fine dining restaurant, flavors meld into a true feast for the senses. Enjoy unforgettable culinary delights in an exquisite atmosphere.

Wedding Ceremony

The beginning of a lifelong journey deserves a magical start. Celebrate your love in our enchanting wedding venue. Elegance and romance combine for the most beautiful day of your life.


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Our passion is to create unforgettable taste experiences that will make your event something special. With great attention to detail and creative sophistication, we conjure up culinary masterpieces that seduce all the senses.

The discovery of a new dish does more for the happiness of mankind than the discovery of a star.

Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

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Welcome to our enchanting location! Here charm and elegance merge into an unforgettable experience.


Immerse yourself in a world of entertainment and fun! Our entertainment offer guarantees unforgettable moments. From rousing music to captivating performance


Refreshing, creative, irresistible – our drinks are the epitome of exquisite delights. From sophisticated cocktails to exquisite wines, here you will discover true taste experiences.